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The story and people behind Guusto

Our Story

photo of Skai and Joe drinking wine

It Began with a Drink

While running our first startup, a Dining Tour in Whistler, we noticed a lot of people calling restaurants to send a bottle of wine to their friend's or client's table. So in 2013, Guusto was launched as a consumer app that allowed you to send a drink when you couldn’t be there in person. Pretty cool, right?

photo of Skai and Joe at Dragon's Den

Entering the Den

We thought so, and took our pitch to Dragon’s Den back in 2015. The experience was not quite as intense as the dramatic final cut. We actually shared user testing data (e.g. 90% of customers would not send gifts if app download was mandated) that addressed the Dragons' main concerns.

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First to Raise Equity Crowdfunding

It was around this same time that we started getting a few early adopter HR professionals using the app to send gifts to employees. They were absolutely loving it, so we figured we’d offer them the chance to own shares in Guusto. We went on to become the first company in Canada to close a round of equity crowdfunding. So instead of traditional Venture financing behind us, we have an army of brand champions who love using Guusto and sharing it with their networks.

Our Mission Now

To empower HR leaders to quickly build a culture of recognition and inspire great employee performance.

We look forward to hopefully helping your organization to attract, engage, and retain the best people.

Meet the Team

headshot of Skai Dalziel

Skai Dalziel

Founder and Chief Product and Client Success Officer

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headshot of Joe Facciolo

Joe Facciolo

Founder and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

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headshot of Richard Prendergast

Richard Prendergast

Sales Manager

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headshot of Larissa Santos

Larissa Santos

Head of Finance and Legal

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headshot of Felipe Santos da Rocha

Felipe Santos da Rocha

Lead Web Developer

headshot of Alan Mendes

Alan Mendes

Senior Web Developer

headshot of Paulo Moreira

Paulo Moreira

Senior Web Developer

headshot of Sarah Tong

Sarah Tong

Product Designer

headshot of Abbas Kherodawala

Abbas Kherodawala

Marketing Specialist

headshot of Jessica Pumilia

Jessica Pumilia

Marketing Specialist

headshot of Sarah Wong

Sarah Wong

Business Development Rep

headshot of Genevieve Gignac

Genevieve Gignac

Marketing Specialist

headshot of Amy Pettigrew

Amy Pettigrew

Marketing Specialist

headshot of Alyha Bardi

Alyha Bardi

Marketing Specialist

headshot of Sam Goldwax

Sam Goldwax

Junior Web Developer

headshot of Lorenzo De Bernardini

Lorenzo De Bernardini

Junior Web Developer

headshot of Kevin Huang

Kevin Huang

Junior Web Developer

headshot of Brian Vo

Brian Vo

iOS Developer

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Office Therapist

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