Guusto Case Studies

"Honestly, you guys have made this program so simple. So simple to administer and simple to redeem, so we like that."

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  • Carolyn Tyrie

Chief Human Resource Officer

"Guusto saves your HR department time, so they can focus their efforts elsewhere and do something that will create a perception of you being an HR department that interacts in a more modern and current way."

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  • Megan McAllister

National Director of Human Resources

"Something we've really appreciated is that the admin team gets back to us right away if we have any questions at all about the program."

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  • Lydia Tay

Internal Communications,
Employee Engagement and
Leadership Development

"Guusto streamlined the process for us. Because there are so many locations (21 locations including head office), it's just way easier to know where everybody is spending their money and keeping everybody on track."

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  • Jessica McCabe

Human Resources Assistant